Thursday, October 20, 2011

So Sweet...

❤ Girl's Language :

If She Don't Text You :
- It's Because She's Waiting For You To Text Her

When She Walks Away From You Mad :
- Follow Her / Ikut dia

When Shes Quiet :
- Ask Her What's Wrong

When She Ignores You :
- Give Her Your Attention

When She Pushes YOU AWAY :
- Pull Her BACK

When You See Her Crying :
- Wipe Her Tears & Ask What's Wrong

When She Says Go Away :
- Just Go Close To Her & Give Her Hug

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SYANI said...

Omputeh selalu buat camtu kan... Orang kita, kalau bini merajuk silap² tangan naik ke muka..

Hunny Kitty said...

huhuhuhu T_T


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